Chanice Sienna

founders of BAMBROWS


Chanice Sienna is the founder of BAMBROWS created in 2017 to meet the demand for alternative, current and consistent brow bar with a personal touch. From studying fashion, Chanice realised she wanted to merge her studies and beauty obsession to create a unique experience. Through her artistry skills and desire to highlight natural beauty, BAMBROWS was born.


Beauty I think right now is being perceived as this thing that you can be a freelancer, you can make loads of money. But let me tell you something it’s a very selfless job. All you're doing all day is making people happy from morning to night, it’s a difficult role to have, it’s a beautiful role if you get it right, you have to be selfless fully. Because the moment someone sits in your chair it’s your job to make them feel good about themselves, so I love my job but if i'm not happy then I can't give myself to someone else.


Do you think you’ve always had a strong sense of self/intuition?


100%, a strong sense of self. Yeah don’t get me wrong I get it wrong, I’m not going on like I know everything but then at least I can trust my intuition. My intuition is my guide, even if i'm walking one way and my intuition just goes don’t walk down that street it,  I’m doing a right. That’s just who I am, that energy inside of us is there as a protection barrier, people don’t use it enough. People just listen to what he said, she said you’ve got your own beliefs. I think right now we are living in a generation of constant projection and listening to what everyone else has to say, which can be very beautiful but also could be a bad cycle of constantly thinking that others know better than yourself.