Bernita Shaw



I was so desperate to leave my job, I had to leave. Most leaps are like you save up like £50k or get an investor and your ready to start a new career. I was bad with money management, I wasn’t leaving with a ton of savings I was leaving with what I need to make it work because I HAD to make it work, which was pretty much nothing. I had to think “What’s a business idea that can work and generate income straight away”... by chance I had a friend starting a new business that was trying to do everything, and all they needed was someone to outsource some things to. I thought that’s a good idea. Obviously I’m not the first person that thought about it but we are in this age now so many people are working for themselves or so many people have businesses/side hustles. I thought that was a good opportunity Im sure theres more people out there that need this. And with that first client I started bringing in income and I could see it was viable. NOBRAINER SOLUTIONS was founded in 2016 and gives businesses the opportunity to outsource their day to-day tasks to pros.


Have you found it more difficult as a woman in business?

It’s never something you’d think about but yes, since I started working for myself I have noticed it. There was a time when I was nearly  like I’m going to stop working with men, just because you have to be very smart and now I know where that stereotype of powerful women or successful women being labelled “bitches”. I see it because you really have to hold your ground, sometimes you just being nice to someone can be taken the wrong way. You need to get straight to the point in interactions or even just the fact that I was young, people would try to take advantage. Once I say these are my rates, they’ll try and undermine me because I appear young or because I’m a woman. You would think people have that built in respect going in as a business person, but that’s not necessarily the case. I realised you have to stand your ground, be really confident because people pick up on if you’re unsure of yourself or if you’re not clued up and will try to use it against you.