Chloé Marlow

founder of MARLOW LONDON


I came up with the concept for my bags in my final year of university as I was studying print design at Central St martins. I wanted to incorporate leather and old luxury somehow, started researching and on Saturdays went to a leather bag making class in a North London bag factory. Balancing my degree and classes on my weekends, I fell in love with the whole process. Through combining my love for print and surface design with this new skill from leather, I made a GIANT bag with laser cut writing all around it as my final year project. Once I finished uni, I started apprenticing at the factory for 9 months but was freelance copywriting for matches fashion too. I began to think I can give this a go myself and take my uni ideas, create a collection and commercialise it. I remember it so clearly, in November asking my manager if I could quit and become their client instead, they agreed and produced my first collection.



I did the Princes Trust Programme, where I’ve got a mentor for three years, I feel so accomplished by the end of our monthly meetings. My biggest mentor and cheerleader is my mum, Collette. She’s got the gift of the gab, she used to design toys back in the day, naturally she’s got a business mind. I go to her first when it comes to anything, even with my bag designs. When I have met men in the business side of fashion, I felt so intimidated. I have been made to feel like i’m too young to be doing this, haven’t got enough knowledge or been told ‘Come back to me when you’ve got more experience and making more money”. So just from early interactions with men in the industry i’ve been drawn to approach women investors and CEO’S. I’ve personally been able to find a community of women that are helping each other, and it’s making businesses grow stronger and faster.


The best advice I got was ‘Divide your life into sectors of relationships, health, career and spirituality’. You have to choose which ones to prioritise for the moment, just give attention to those areas, that’s the best you can do. I wake up every morning with my five things I’m grateful for, when I do get a chance I journal which gives me an opportunity to reflect. I think that also inspired my brand more because a lot of my messages are optimistic and positive affirmations.