Dr Ewoma

founder of SKNDOCTOR

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In July time I decided I have to go full time with SKNDOCTOR. From that epiphany, I got a business loan, found a location, and worked on ways to take the business to the next level - this whole process took about 6 months. During the period of transition from full time doctor (contractor) to newly opening up the space - I would occasionally do locum shifts. It was difficult because I didn’t particularly enjoy it and it was exhausting. The job is super demanding, and often not in a good way. 


Fast forward to this year, I opened the space in February but despite that I was still doing shifts once or twice a week. But now I haven’t done one in a month and a half, I think what’s been tricky on that front is the transition from being a full time contractor and getting good money a week to solely relying on your business. I think it’s something I’m still mentally figuring out, but it’s important to make that commitment.


This is very much the beginning, I feel like i’m just getting started and it’s funny because a lot of people say you’re amazing, you’re killing it. But in my head i’m like chill, i’m not there yet! I’m really happy too, but chill. Even that’s another thing, speaking of happy of recent when I’m stressed out in my mind i’m genuinely really happy. Which isn’t weird but it’s such a nice feeling, I haven’t had that in years. 


I make a conscious effort to make everyone feel comfortable. I don’t want people to feel intimidated when they come here, sometimes I’ve had people say ‘Oh are you SKNDOCTOR? I’m just not very intimidating. But that’s the whole point for me, I’m in my element now and I think for so long I’ve fought against who I truly have been.