Laura Jayne

founder of ZURI


For me I wanted to have both makeup and psychology,  think people get stuck in the idea of if you’re good at one thing, that’s what you should stick to. But you can be good at a variety of things which are worth tapping into, for me it was a case of before I am anything, I am Laura, before anything else I am God’s child, and then I am a business woman, then I am a therapist. If I am all of that already, I can do anything I want. When you look at the richest people in the world, they don’t have one stream of income so it was important for me to tap into all of my skills that I like.


I find makeup therapeutic, people use it for different things. Whether it’s to cover insecurities, enhance their beauty, for me it was a psychological and therapeutic way to see how I can create a product and see how people are going to use it. I’m always going to be a therapist, then branching out from that I want to look into different avenues. Personally, I do not take any form of medication, I have natural ways through healing anything, which is something I introduce in therapy. The cosmetics line is a version of therapy, providing a message for people to use it for themselves, not for what they are seeing elsewhere, that’s why it’s more of a friendly brand. I don’t see myself ever make foundations, just because I think you are the foundation before covering yourself, don’t get me wrong I wear it but not consistently. If I’m scarring I won’t wear it, you have to see me as I am so this is a friendly brand, you own it by whatever you do with it. In terms of venturing out, I hope to go into more natural skin care and to create a space for people to come into and create their own products. Something along those lines, where the consumers can be involved with the brand. I think a lot of brands start out thinking that way but get consumed by the sales, but I’m passionate about keeping it my way.