founder of MYAEMADE

My parents always gave me freedom of choice. My mum told me as long as you can support yourself and you’re happy I don’t care what it is. I’ve always enjoyed being creative and my parents encouraged it. I decided to do a 2 year fashion and clothing BTEC. I bought an overlocker to use for my personal prints, soon later Leah asked me to make designs for Jorja. My friend Shenaid Gory made the piece and said how nice it would be to add red overlocking instead of white, I said yes! After becoming obsessed with my overlocker, I had made some stretch sets and posted them on my instagram. When everyone saw Jorja’s outfit, they wanted sets in different colours and I ran with it. Nothing I ever do is really planned, it just evolves naturally. I decided to put some items on depop, it sold out in 20 minutes I was like ‘Oh I’m on to something!’ Since then there have been so many opportunities that have come from that. My proudest moment has been having a studio, being able to grow and maintain it, because I was working in my own room for a whole year on MYAE but now i’ve had this studio for four months. It’s so satisfying for me to make a piece, put it online and it just sells.


I took part in the Princes Trust, a four day entrepreneur course, you get great advice, a business mentor for a year and a loan. My mum found this business incubator online for £100 so I did that too. Other people in the creative industry have been like mentors too, but to be honest I've learnt a lot of this stuff on my own. Often when people give advice it’s biased, and unfortunately see you as a threat so it’s a little tainted. You can’t take everyone's advice as gospel, even the people with good intentions because they don’t know your situation like you do, you just have to take your little bit from it. A lot of people know what they want to do but don’t do it because they’re just scared it’s not going to work. Make sure you know the basic principles of business, if your under 30 do the Princes trust. If you help other people, people will help you just be a nice person and it will come back.