founder of WAVE Publicity and TORT


How did you come up with your business ideas?

There’s amazing brands out there but they can’t afford to pay agencies, so I knew this was an opportunity for me to do something different. PR’s changed, before I’d get given a product to put in this page and that page. Whereas now i’ve decided to work with mostly independent brands, brands I actually have a connection with, I knew some of my clients from a long the way or I would have seen them for a particular treatment for myself and very quickly I gained a cool group of beauty experts and brand founders that were all female, all from london, starting by themselves and none of them had investments and I love it. I love every one of my clients because I feel like i'm part of their journey. It’s bringing confidence to women of colour, I’d say more than anyone because in this industry it’s so white washed that you don’t ever really have experts that can understand you, because they’re nothing like you if you’re a person of color, in skin experts, hair stylists and even in brows. I really enjoy being part of the journey, so for me Wave is creating a difference within beauty, PR and how brands are perceived. There’s no PR agency that i’ve worked for that would work with the brands I do, and be able to actually have those relationships.


At the end of last year, my therapist told me I should do something creative, although my job is very creative it wasn’t practically creative. So from October last year I thought I want to do something new. I was sitting on the sofa with my best friend one night looking for hair accessories, she was getting married this year. We looked, said how we really wanted these hair clips, but £95? I wasn’t paying that. I had this idea overnight.. I should start my own business but it wasn't until December last year I really started to think about it. After two months of reaching out to different people, I decided I wanted to launch hair clips. I said I can do this effectively and quickly, I really feel like it’s a brand that can appeal to everyone it’s not about size, or anything like that. It’s a cool way to ‘up’ your outfit, some days i’m in my gym kit, put a hair clip in and it will make me feel a bit better. I’ve been working on branding, wanting to launch Tort, which is short for tortoiseshell. For me it’s more like a passion project, which I hope lasts forever because I actually love doing it, i’m up till midnight doing it, I don’t have any money because i’ve put it all into a business and I don’t go out but I don’t care. I think that’s a big sign to it, if you don’t care that you’re staying home pretty much every night or you can’t afford to go out with all your friends, or actually have to cancel plans because you can’t afford to pay for dinners and stuff. I think that’s a huge sign if you’re willing to give up because socialising is such a big part of our lives, if you’re not spending on clothes the only thing keeping you sane is really your friends and going out. If you’ve got good circles of people around you, you can do anything.