I’m first generation african, my dads nigerian and my mums from Sierra Leone. I grew up in South, my parents mindset has always focused on education till this day they still don’t understand what I do. My mum still asks me, when are you going to get a real job? But it’s all good when she reads about me in the newspaper she’ll get it. I get my work ethic from my mum and my compassion from my dad. From the age of 11 the weight of my family was on me, that’s why I’m so mature I had to grow up so quickly. My friends and family always told me to do events because I’m very OTT, my birthdays are a big celebration, I always want to out do the last one, I just kind of fell into it and started to incorporate it into my normal job. I would organise some of the staff away days just because I liked bringing them together. I found out about Sharmadean Reid and started to go to a lot of her talks, knowing she was big on entrepreneurship. I wanted to gain some sort of mentorship as I wanted to get into the events industry from being in marketing. After a few visits of me and my friend sitting at the front of her talks, she said ‘Are you following me?’ We fast forward to the WAH power lunches, she told me she was too busy to do it and asked me if I wanted to organise them. I started doing the WAH power lunches every month whilst still working my 9-5. Running from south london all the way to east london to produce these events, after 3 months she offered me an events job. I had a knack for how to get good brand deals and sponsorships, which is what I was doing for WAH.


After working 3 years at WAH, people would ask me how to get sponsorships, brand deals, and what sort of negotiation to put into emails. One week I had three people ask me to manage them, I took that as a sign, my co founder is the same way. I kind of knew I was going to be some sort of creative or entrepreneur when I started working at WAH because it was a different lifestyle to corporate. Influential insights is an agency doing things differently, our main ethos is working with women that have substance and purpose, you’ll never see an insta baddie, we are business baddies. 


We want people that use their influence for good influence, they aren’t just taking pictures they’re either a stylist, nail artist, model or a singer by trade. That was a big thing for us but that’s only 30% of our  business, the other 70% combines with consultancy and experiential experiences. We are currently working on being based in New York and LA, conversations are already being started the main thing is to be by coastal not to just be based in the UK.