Natalia and Georgea

founders of NEOSS


You realise social media highlights everything good and you’re made to feel like you’re not doing very well, but it’s important to take a moment and appreciate what you’re doing. 


The biggest thing for a brand is to be acknowledged, you want people to wear your clothes and exposure was one of the hardest things for us at the start. You’re a tiny fish in this ginormous pond, how do you get into the scene? As soon as we opened the pop-up shop, everything changed for us. We were in control of everything, created a brand that we could sell pieces from and opened up opportunities for other small brands. Which is so important to get young designers involved, as they have such beautiful pieces that deserve to be shared, and we could provide a space for that. We don’t think about being ‘seen’ anymore because we have direction in our business and are looking to have a permanent store now. We’ve built what will be our future by doing that, but we've faced challenges as women in business too, recently we viewed a property to rent. We're two girls, look young and weren’t taken seriously after going through a whole process for two months, taking builders in for fittings and then never heard from them again. That was because they doubted us, whether it was about being able to pay the rent or whatever. My dad said “I think from now on I should go and view the property for you, because it’s the fact that you’re two young girls that aren’t being taken seriously.


Did you have to be creative with the sustainability aspect of the brand?

At the very beginning yes, the overlocked collection was all dead stock fabrics, we found a small quantity of fabric that was old Hermes fabric that we used from the lining of jackets. That was our way of working around it because we weren’t creating more demand for something. It fits in well with our ethos that we ignore seasons, we carry things over. It’s about caring for your clothes and looking after them. It takes a lot of time to source fabrics, especially as we are trying to work with recycled fabrics like recycled cottons. There are lots of brands that use recycled plastics they’ve found in the ocean to make pieces but getting hold of those fabrics is hard because there’s a lot of research involved, everything is more expensive as that it’s in high demand.