Rhiannon Barry

founder of NinetyFly and Waveygarms


I started wearing designer pieces with Nikes at raves I would go to every week, people would recognise the pieces and ask me where I got them. I was just good at finding things on ebay, people never thought to use it, back then you could get off key Moschino's for like a fiver. Now there’s like 100 bids on them because everyone's a vintage dealer. The first time I started selling them, I’d asked some girls if they were going to a rave I was, they were and then I started selling them in the toilets. And that’s when Ninety Fly was born. I see a lot of good pieces that come my way and I’m always regretting it, I think why did I sell that? So what if we made good money off it, I love these pieces and the story behind them.


When I buy items, I ask where the sellers got them from. I want to know the history on it, what rave did you wear it to? Because that’s actually what’s interesting about it and makes the pieces special. When we set up Wavey Garms it was a facebook group for people to sell their second hand stuff, and it accidently got really big. The Observer did an article on us & overnight we just blew up. Now we’ve got about 30,000 people waiting to get into the group. Around a similar time, my brother was doing a radio show next door at Balamii, and this shop was empty. We never really thought about having a shop, but Peckham was cheap then. My brother called me and was like we should set up a Wavey Garms shop here. At the time I was working in Adidas, Visions and Oval Space doing bar jobs and trying to make styling work -  I said ‘let’s do it’ and the rest is history, four years going strong! We could have opened more stores in Shoreditch or Soho but It’s like a youth club here, we’re from South and I don’t want to take away from that, keep it small and keep it real.


I wish I stuck to what I believed, I was really passionate about Ninety Fly, I wish I had more confidence in myself because if I would of, I could have stuck at it. Then Ninety Fly would have been a big success, but I didn’t believe in myself. Maybe because not many people were doing it back then, I was young and working in bars, yeah I wish I did believe in myself and stuck to it. Also not to get too involved in going out, stay focused because my passion was there but actually now I would look back and say I have some friends that worked really hard on their businesses and never went out and ended up missing out on having more of a social life. I think that your twenties are the most important part of your life, enjoy it to the max. How lucky am I to do what I love, sometimes I think is this even work? You kind of just forget, but now I’ve got two years till im thirty, i’m trying to plan ahead now. I feel like every two years, my mentality is different, I wonder do wonder if it will carry on that way. I am enjoying becoming older because i’m becoming more sure of myself and what I want.