founder of KEASH


What made you transition from this is my side hustle to my everyday?

I literally was just like if I force myself into this position, then I have to make it my main hustle but I was scared of doing that because I wouldn’t have security to do that. But I just quit and said I have to work hard and get money, because It wasn’t easy for me to make money, have pop ups whilst working and putting my full focus into it. I built it up through the pop ups and working with brands, obviously I built it up to the point where I could come into somewhere like WAH, which was a goal that I achieved.


Have you found any issues/challenges being a woman in business?

I don’t think it’s necessarily  being a ‘woman’, it’s more about starting a business when you’re young, people talk advantage of you. Also when you don’t come from a rich background, where you’re exposed to other people and how easy it is for them to get things and opportunities. I found it difficult because I build up all my contacts on my own, I think that some people get given more opportunities because who they’re seen with. People can support or seem like they are, but they’re not. They just want to be attached to you slightly, so if you do pop off they’ll be like oh yea you’re sick just because I would have done someone’s hair but I was sick already. I think I get a lot of fake support, It’s very easy for people to seem like they’re supporting but a lot of people have power to help people with certain things but they don’t want to because they don’t believe in what you’re doing. But they like to say that they do, because you might have a lot of followers on instagram, it might be as shallow as that.


So how do you maintain self belief?

I look and reflect on what i’m doing and remind myself that what i’m doing is amazing, I have a good brain, so it reinforces my confidence I have of myself. Obviously I do have people supporting me, that tell me i’m doing good things, but sometimes I do doubt myself based on even like other people doing something similar to me, then them getting jobs over me that I’ve seen which can be a bit shit. I was approached recently by a brand to do an event, I only really have one competitor in what i’m doing with events, they came to me and asked for the budget, said they would get back to me and took ages. I was like I bet they’ve gone to the other brand because they were cheaper, but it’s like if a brand really wants to work with me specifically they wouldn’t have gone to another brand in the first place. They would have just come to me if its out of budget, I would have negotiated which really pissed me off but then realised you know what I don’t want to work with people that don’t want to work for me being me. My way of building my brand to not blend in and move away from situations like that is through creating new and unique content that shows how i’m different, i’m not the same and i’m a f*cking genius!