Tamara and Louise 

founders of TALOU


 It started with us both exploring healthier and more natural ways of living, especially through diet and how healthy foods can affect that. After watching a documentary What The Health, I started doing lots of research and went vegan which improved my skin. I began looking into natural toiletries and making my own creams and face oils. We both got to a point of wanting to really start looking after ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually, it became really important to us. We started using healing crystals and oils in our own time, finding it a very powerful process in our personal lives and as a hobby, we started making candles and essential oil infusions.


In 2017, we started throwing ideas around and researched everything we needed to launch in July 2019. It’s important for us to create something that can help with well being and mental health, especially as a lot of people around us have anxiety. Life is stressful for everyone, it’s nice to have something for yourself. When people are upset or feeling down they search outwards, but they don’t realise the small simple things that you can incorporate in your day, these are little tools to help you but you have to set your intentions and put your energy into it. We prioritise and meet up at least twice a week, a day on the weekend to do the practical things and one evening a week to plan, we set goals for each other to do. We’ve also realised what our skills, Louise is really creative and into the actual experience, whereas I have come from an academic background, the law, regulations and the science behind it.


We have ancient herbal tools which are good for cleansing energy. You burn them around your house after a stressful day and it will reset the energy. Our candles cover the three aspects to life, lavender to promote a calm influence, marigold to uplift and provide mental clarity and the rose to encourage self care. Each one of our product ingredients has flowers, crystals and essential oils that reflect a desired mood. Our favourite candle from the range is the sensuality candle. Infused with rose quartz, which is for your heart chakra, love and opening your heart. It’s ingredients are rose petals, rose, blackpepper and coconut all essential oils which are aphrodisiacs. We use soy wax for our candles which is plant based, our products are nontoxic and good for the body, we wanted to make everything we use natural and environmentally friendly. Talou stands for Tamara and Louise, you’d be surprised at how many people didn’t realise it. We came up with this slogan Talou talaity, it was similar to totality which has a overall positive meaning and it just clicked for us.


Do you ever argue?

I don’t think we argue in our business, we argue more in our friendship. It’s a separate thing, it’s gone very smoothly with the business. Because we are such close friends and we’ve known each other for so long, we know each others boundaries and we’ve been very strict with it. We know not to cross those lines, also taking on separate roles you don’t step on each others toes, it works.


What advice would you give?

Never give up, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially if you’re working full time. It’s going to be a slow process, and sometimes you can think you’re not doing enough or quick enough, that’s just extra stress that you don’t need to put on yourself. Trust yourself, have confidence in yourself, you know your brand you’ve started it for a reason, trust that and be confident in that.