Hannah and Melissa Collett

founders of WORME


We have spent summers in Cadaques, Catalonia since our childhood - a remote stretch along the Mediterranean Sea. (Salvador Dalí spent summers there; so did Picasso, Matisse and Duchamp who all drew from Cadaqués’s bohemian spirit). There, you’re surrounded by mountains, and it creates a wild energy that allows you to express your creativity freely. Every summer we would pack our mothers silk two pieces from her 20s but we could never find anything similar on the high street and found everything available was made in synthetic fabrics - So we found a silk supplier and a seamstress and started to design our own. We made timeless pieces that we could wear from day to night. It started gaining lots of attention in the village and then later on other trips around the world. From this we decided to take our passion seriously and created Worme in 2017


How is it working as a sister duo?

It’s like working with a best friend but having no boundaries, so as you can imagine it can lead to some intense moments. Although there can be fiery times there is a trust and respect for each other that is invaluable. We can just look at one another and know what the other is thinking and this really helps when making decisions. We have defined our roles instinctively establishing Worme and really celebrate each others strengths- Hannah is design and production, Melissa is creative direction. We are incredibly grateful to be on this journey together. 


What advice would you give to any other females wanting to start?

 Visualise the future, have a plan and a strategy, be consistent and see the bigger picture . Don’t be scared to go for it